Club Dice Casino is the presence , such as the parent company of Carnival Casino is an online casino of the top class among the online casino industry . I am getting the thing of country of Antigua and Barbuda, the operation license . It is often thought to be a license name unfamiliar too , but it is a well-known online gaming license in foreign countries . Located in Antigua is a small island floating in the Caribbean Sea and its base , there is no doubt that the license owned by the small island are those of Haq to take online gaming operators . It may be said that the credit of the Club Dice Casino is high even look at them .

In this casino site , that it acquired in the jackpot 100 million 30 million yen of the high prize money in 2004 is also famous . The payout rate is high , I am proud of the more than 90 percent . You download and play the Japanese version page Playtech manufactured by game software . Download play is a play that way have a reputation for gameplay and beautiful smooth sound of flash games . It’s such not being able to play in the slot Tech , Inc. that have a good reputation in the beauty of the graphics and enjoy while being in the house a casino game in earnest.

The Japanese language support of Club Dice Casino , online chat service will be received in addition to telephone and e-mail . It’s such mean they can while receiving an explanation in Japanese where you do not know while playing . They will also support the generous players of beginner , it is a casino site that is well-established in the Japanese player now . It is one of the main points that the casino game called Gold Rush became famous for having issued a high winner at the casino and Las Vegas Carnival Casino ‘s can play also can recommend , but those that continue to receive the support of the players also game other it is recommended because there are many . That the use of online chat , to enjoy the interaction with the dealer , such as online poker and online roulette is also not being able to .

Registration to the Club Dice Casino site is easy , you can register in a short period of time even for beginners . If you do not know of course , you can proceed while listening to the description to contact support services . It is safe because you can choose from that payment method is also withdrawal method is also to a large number , but it is recommended that you use the NETELLER to deposits and withdrawals from Japan . You can also wire transfer , but will be trading from $ 1,000 in that case . It is a good idea because it does not correspond to the credit card , it is to register with the casino after I finished the registration of NETELLER. Account opening method of NETELLER itself can also be easily . Because there is the site of the Japanese version , it is recommended be sure to keep checking .

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